A quick chat with: Oblique Noir

helge in aktion

ET: What are you working on right now?

ON: I am about to mix several tracks to be realeased next year. I set up a new PC with UAD Apollo Firewire for doing this but it took me a few weeks, unfortunately, To get the UAD interface running on Windows is no walk in the park. But now, it’s a pretty well sounding and efficient setup.

ET: What is your favorite modular element at the moment?

ON: I created some sounds again with my Cwejman VM-1 which was one of my first modules. It’s a fully functional synth for Eurorack, kind of limited with in- and outputs, but it has a filter which can be morphed seamlessly from low- through band- to higpass. You can listen to some lead and bass sounds at my Soundcloud.

ET: Any recomandations on artists or albums this year?

ON: At the moment, I like to listen to Coh «To Beat» (which is from 2014 I think). Nice evolving wavetable-like sounds and very well produced while never using standard drum and percussion sounds.  All rhythmic elements are sound modulations and movements which is very interesting.

Photo by Dominik Grenzler

Packaging «Passage» with passion ;-)

EndTitles is all about passion to music and love to the special and unusual. With this ideal I thought of making something extraordinary with the physical release of Wilhelm’s «Passage». Wilhelm’s music needs approach. I used to listen «Passage» several times before I came up with an idea. I have to thank to Mr. Arovane for inspiring me during our chat at his studio. After a week or two I just thought: Wow! The physical release needs to be simple and useful and eco-friendly as far as possible. So I came up with the USB flash drive for all the heavy 24bit files made of recycling paper. I thought this might be quite unique and did it. After testing it for some time, the device worked smoothly. Now the final product is made with love and packaged with passion. My girlfriend sewed while I was putting all things together. To all of you who are using the device now: Please think of all the work Wilhelm and we did and the great effort and enjoy this great album!
Thank you :-)