Since more than one year I am thinking about taking a break from music, actually more from music making. I think i might have lost the pleasure of listening to music in the very simplest way without analyzing it. I wish this to stop. A few days ago I have decided to take this «break» and to focus more on my little café. So, meet me there:

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Day four.

Mandolino. A mandolin – an instrument that consists of three families: Emiliano, Napolitano and Puglieze. Michele Bertoni plays a mandolin of the Emiliano family. The body of it is shaped as an almond (mandola). Michele received that instrument (built in 1920) as a gift of his fathers uncle (born in 1886 in Ferrara) and plays the way his father teached him to.

You can see the Emiliano next to a Napolitano family mandolin on the picture as well as the origin of the Emiliano one. I have made some sessions with Michele and his beautiful sounding mandolino. The black mask I am wearing on the last picture is a wooden Mamuthones mask from a mountain village of Mamoiada.

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Day three.

Day off. I went to the country side next to Villasimius and Costa Rei. Nice places… Back in Cagliari I supported local handicraft and music artists. What a day :-)

Day two.

The 2nd day was filled with very nice takes. Adrino adjusted his double bass to my recorded sounds and tuned the strings from EADG lower to EG#CG. He also played with different tools to verify the sound of his double bass. After the session Adriano told me about his festival plans for the next week. So we went to a grafic store to print flyers for it. Meanwhile Silvia was working on her painting preparations.

Day one.

Sardinia finally! I know Adriano Orrù since two years now and yesterday we meet personally. Today I have visited his house and we started with initial recording sessions for a really nice project for the next year. His great wife Silvia joined us during the session and played piano and toy piano. By the way the dog is called »Pippo« and he is my hero of the day :-)


After just two editions, the BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF) is already a reference for lovers of the electronic arts. BEAF attracts both specialists and the general public with artists who exploit the lightning pace of technological developments in order to express their ideas. In the unique setting of the Centre for Fine Arts they offer a mix of music, performances, installations, workshops and conferences into a fascinating whole.

My visited concerts at day 2:
@Salle Henry Le Boeuf
20:00 – 21:00 – Kiasmos aka Ólafur Arnalds & Janus Rasmussen – Erased Tapes [DE]
21:30 – 22:30 – Nils Frahm – Erased Tapes [DE]

22:30 – 23:30 – Tim Hecker – Kranky Records [CA]
23:30 – 00:30 – Ben Frost – Bedroom Community [AU]

I only could make it to visit the festival at the day 2, but I really recommend this nice festival to everyone who likes it uncomplicated and loves it special ;-)