Weapons of choice🙌🏻 No.2

weapon of choice no.9: memory boy analog delay. made by @ehx. i simply love how it sounds👌🏻



weapon of choice no.10: kaosspad. third edition. made by @korgofficial. still a beauty and working, bought in tokyo back in 2008🙌🏻 i used the KP3 during a show in cairo recently and it did a great job💪🏻



weapon of choice no.11: i call it CRACKLE. airfx made by @alesis_gear. out of production since years. used to be a tool for djs. i use it because it makes nice unpredictable crackles and the eye remains me of HAL 9000🙌🏻



weapon of choice no.12: Zoom BFX-708 Bass Effects Processor. made by @zoomsoundlab. this was my first efx i have ever bought in the mid nineties. i used to keep it more than simple and minimalistic. it is dusty now and i have not used it since 2002. but it did a great job back then and served me well during all my shows with my bands and the supporting shows as a hired bass-player like for whitney houston, marla glen or for joe cocker between 1999-2001 and many more. good old memories 😊



weapon of choice no.13: Super Chorus CS5. made by @officialibanezguitars. this was my 2nd efx i have ever bought in the nineties and the last one for 15 years. this one and my bass effects processor used to be a strong combi for new-metal gigs back then. the cs5 is still working and has a nice clean chorus sound. good old memories 😊



Weapon of my choice no. 13: Immerse Reverberator. Made by @neunaberaudio. This is (not) a toy – They say. Well, this is something beautiful for sure. I really love the sound of the reverb. I have decided not to go for a Big Sky but to stay with my Cathedral by @ehx and add Neunaber’s Immerse to my set. I might combine them or alternate. But there is an addition in my mind to these two already… But for now, I just immerse🙌🏻