Dingeklang Vol​.​2 – Sound pack of other fancy obsolete electro acoustic devices

Dear Listener, Musician, Fan!

Did you ever ask yourself how other fancy devices might sound electro magnetically? Well, each device has its own sound. Even the more fancy ones. During my stay in Ireland this August I made a recording session and thanks to the unstable Irish electricity an exciting sound came to light. Frankly speaking, it was NOISE. What else to expect ;-) 

And again, devices new and old, obsolete, some of them never used, some of them used on regular basis have been listened to by using Stan Pete’s «Elektra» electromagnetic microphones and recorded with a Zoom H5 in August of 2021 during m stay in Ireland. The result is a new sound pack full of 30 interesting sounds, domestic electric interferences and voltage: Dingeklang Vol​.​2 – Sound pack of other fancy obsolete electro acoustic devices

You can grab this sound pack again for free for a limited time or pay what you want but please consider to pay a bit since I would love to support the great photo artist, Sana. She is so awesome! Thank you in advance :-) 

So, start sampling, mangling. Feel free and be inspired to transform the sound into something new. I have left plenty of headroom for you to experiment with. Please let me know what you’ve created. (This license lets you distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as you credit me for the original creation.) 

Music created with my previous Sound pack:

Darren Dyke aka Pancycle is a Musician and Craftsman from Belgium. His track called «56» is inspired by and created with sounds from my sound pack «Dingeklang Vol.1». Listen and support his music:  pancycle.bandcamp.com/track/56

An other great and wonderful work comes from the French Musician Thierry Arnal aka SEPL. His track is full of power and drones. Listen and support his music: scorchedearthpolicylab.bandcamp.com/track/parenth-se


Sana Vahdati 
Abstraction photographer, graduated in architecture.  

Peter Schwieger aka Stan Pete 
Installations, Instruments, Modular music