Ups and downs

Sondermann: Ups and Downs

Erscheinungsdatum:12. November 2010


1. Ups and downs (Original Version) 6:14
2. Ups and downs (AN MOKU Remix) 4:31
3. Ups and downs (Bene Gesserit Mix) 6:57
4. Ups and downs (Gitte Verfuehrt Remix) 5:51
5. Ups and downs (PeteFMs Distorted Remix) 7:10
6. Ups and downs (PeteFMs Family Affairs Remix) 6:48
7. Ups and downs (Trancefeld Remix) 6:41

Nel giardino dei suoni

Nel giardino dei suoni – Der Film erzählt die ungewöhnliche Geschichte des blinden Musikers, Therapeuten und Klangforschers Wolfang Fasser, der seine eigene Lebenserfahrung als Blinder nutzt, indem er schwer behinderten Kindern hilft, sich auf eine ihnen feindlich erscheinende Welt einzulassen. Nachts ist Fasser oft allein mit Blindenstock und Tonbandgerät unterwegs, um «Klanglandschaften» aufzuzeichnen…

Grzegorz Bojanek

Grzegorz Bojanek (1975), also known as Eta Carinae, is the founder of the net label: Since 2007 he has been the artistic producer of Warsaw Electronic Festival. As an artist he consequently introduces field recordings and electroacoustic sounds into his compositions which are the combination of the modern melodics ambient and sometimes noise. He cooperated with many artists from USA, Canada and China. Grzegorz is the co-founder of ChoP project where he concentrates on multicultural collaboration between China and Poland. Together with Zen Lu, Grzegorz collaborated with British film direcotr Isaac Julien on his latest project “Better Life” (“Ten Thousand Waves”) – starring Maggie Cheung. Among others the film was shown during the 67th Venice Film Festival 2010 and 8th Shanghai Biennale, where Greg and Zen played live soundtrack during the grand opening. Nowadays Grzegorz is working on his new album for a California based label.

…soundscapes to come.

Warm-up-Session für Ep2

NATION OF CLANG: Session 4/Leipzig

Vier Tage Leipzig: Warm-up-Session für Ep2.

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 Dieser Track ist vorerst auf Eis gelegt. :-)