Life Unfiltered #2: Reykjavik

8th of October Café Kumiko by Sara Hochuli(Miyuko) had its grand opening in Reykjavik!

Here’s a short behind the scenes of Jan Knüsel’s ongoing mini documentary series about Sara. It’s basically a film about him filming Sara, shot again on this tiny wearable camera (by Drift Innovation). Watch it here:

Thank you for the support Arne!



This is what I am working on since months. First of all I do own a café and cake bakery in Zurich with my partner in crime, Sara Hochuli and this is how I earn my money. Currently Sara and I are working on a new project in Reykjavik. During all the ups and downs I found a little time to make music for the documentation. Watch the first part and enjoy what I am doing :-)

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Sorry for not posting. It is quiet around ENDTITLES and AN MOKU now due to the maker’s Café project in Reykjavik :-)

Adriano Orrù & Silvia Corda @ 6. IOIC Stummfilm-Festival in Zurich

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November and December 2015 have been very exciting for me and Silvia, indeed! In a few days we had a tour in Portugal and Switzerland and two releases involving us. Being a musician includes sometime to experience periods so frantic alternating with others completely steady. We had 3 concerts in Lisbon playing together with fantastic musicians like Maria do Mar, Luiz Rocha (my fellows in the Endtitles’ release “Orrù Mar Rocha – Live at MIA 2015”) and also Maria Radich and the Variable Geometry Orchestra (46 musicians for this issue) conducted by Ernesto Rodrigues. We met a lot of friends there, great musicians and lovely people! A few day after we flew to Zurich to play over a silent movie – Spartacus – during an interesting festival called Marathon der Hochkulturen. Great experience indeed, a nice venue (Kunstraum Walcheturm), good instruments (grand piano and doublebass) to play on with the help of an experienced sound engineer. And, above all, Sara and Dominik who made this magic real!

Thank you, Silvia & Adriano

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Photos by Dominik Grenzler