Dominik Grenzler is a sound artist, conceptual producer and former bass guitar player with a spot for experimental and ambient soundscapes. The literal translation of «Anmoku» is «tacit, unsaid, implicit» conveying that an idea or thought cannot be put into words but is subconsciously understood. Inspired and animated, with this approach, Dominik’s abstract, cinematic music gives the listener room for imagination and interpretation. His approach is highly personal, as he manages to generate tension with a hidden musicality, drowned in a miasma of organic, yet manipulated, sounds. Dominik’s primary interests lie in simplicity, repetition and the relationship between sound and art. He loves Musique Concrète, Ambient, Hauntology and Clicks ‘n Cuts. His sound work is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Born in 1977 in Gdańsk. Raised on a soundtrack of bubbly 80’s synth pop and early 90’s guitar music. Playing e-bass in several bands in Germany’s former coal-mining hub, the Ruhr district, from 1993 to 1995, he gained experiences in a wide variety of musical genres. This is followed by numerous performances with supporting acts for Whitney Houston, Joe Cocker, Marla Glen as a hired bass-guitar player by the singer and songwriter Daniel Denecke amongst others from 1998 through to 2001. The next years are followed by working for the music and fashion industry. After this break from making music, inspired by many experiences during travels, encounters and further training (HMVK Dortmund, Hofa College, Mentorship by Uwe Zahn aka Arovane) Dominik started to explore sound in different and less commercial ways and founded in 2008 the music project: An Moku.

Privately, Dominik Grenzler is living and working in his adopted hometown of Zurich, where he co-owns a café with an artisan cake bakery section since 2010 known as Miyuko. In 2015-2018 he co-opened a pop-up café in Reykjavik. Since 2015 he is the founder and curator of the micro label EndTitles and EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab concerts.

He is working with: Adriano Orrù (Musician), Arovane (Musician, Sound Designer), Blakmoth (Musician), Benfay (Sound Engineer), Danique Wiesli (Scenographer), Emre Sargöl (Musician), Ivan Engler (Film Maker, Musician), Jan Knüsel (Film Maker), Joel Gilardini (Musician), Marcus Beuter (Sound Artist), Micah Frank (Musician, Sound Designer), Nàresh Ran (Sound Artist), Nicolas Streichenberg (Musician), Silo Portem (Sound Artist), Stan Pete (Installation Artist, Instrument Maker), Stefan Schmid (Musician), Stijn Hüwels (Musician), Tilman Ehrhorn (Musician, Sound Designer), Virlyn (Sound Artist), Weldroid (Sound Engineer).

One of his favourite projects from the past is the collaboration with Sonos Schweiz under the name: «How to catch Stille?» in 2013. This project for the hearing loss people founded and curated by Dominik included more than 30 musicians.



Works & Live

2023 – Coming up in September: «Shapes for a Name» @Puremagnetik [USA]
2023 – Coming up in August: An Moku & Yes, it’s Ananias – Live @Badenfahrt Festival
2023 – Coming up in June: «Raum im Raum» (Collaboration with Stefan Schmidt) @Karlrecords [GER]
2023 – An Moku & Yes, it’s Ananias – Live @Risa Hutwerkstatt, Hägglingen
2023 – An Moku Live @FriSon, Fribourg
2023 – Strom am Mittag with An Moku, Live @Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich
2023 – An Moku & Yes, it’s Ananias – The White Box Project – Live @Coin Coin, Zürich
2023 – «Fluxus Verve» (Collaboration with Yes, it’s Ananias) [CH]
2023 – «Schönheit der Bewegung» Single Release (Collaboration with Yes, it’s Ananias) [CH]
2023 – An Moku & Yes, it’s Ananias, Installation by Brigitte Lustenberger – TONTON Live @Buffet Nord, Bern
2023 – «Salz & Honig» Single Release (Collaboration with Yes, it’s Ananias) [CH]
2022 – EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab #6 (An Moku & Yes it’s Ananias, Take Zero, Nebno), Live @Umbo, Zürich
2022 – «ZwischenRaum» (Collaboration with Stefan Schmidt) @Karlrecords [GER]
2022 – «Fromaroom Sessions: Exploring discontinued and obsolete reverb units»
2022 – «Sfaira» (Collaboration with Tilman Ehrhorn aka Werken) @EndTitles [CH]
2021 – «YŌKAI» Xmas Mixtape IX (Contribution) @DioDrone [IT]
2021 – «Microdemystification» (Collaboration with Blakmoth) @DioDrone [IT]
2021 – «Dingeklang Vol​.​2 – Sound pack of other fancy obsolete electro acoustic devices»
2021 – «MNEMOSYNE #25» Podcast 
2021 – «Dingeklang Vol​.​1 – Sound pack of obsolete electro acoustic devices»
2021 – MICROPOLIS a photo exhibition by Claudio Colotti, Das Provisorium, Zürich
2021 – «Raum» (Collaboration with Stefan Schmidt) @Karlrecords [GER]
2021 – «Less» @Puremagnetik [USA]
2021 – «Safety in Solitude» Sessions (Backstage Subscription Exclusively)
2020 – «Where We Meet» (Collaboration with Stijn Hüwels) @Slowcraft Records [UK]
2020 – «Maya Deren» (Collaboration with Joel Gilardini) @bullflat 3.8, [Japan]
2020 – «Co-Being», «Phimola» (Backstage Subscription Exclusively)
2020 – Bandcamp Subscription: Backstage
2020 – «Of Mirrors» (Collaboration with Virlyn) @Audiobulb Records [UK], EndTitles [Switzerland]
2020 – «Her Dark Materials» EP @EndTitles
2019 – 10th IOIC Stummfilm-Festival, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich
2019 – EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab #2-4 (Universalfilter, Steinbrüchel, Stan Pete, Joel Gilardini, Feyz & Snoopy over the Hills), Kulturfolger, Zürich
2019 – Weldroid: Comatosed Disruption (Remix)
2019 – «Live in Cairo 2018» @EndTitles [Switzerland]
2018 – EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab #1 (Joel Gilardini & Chihei Hatakeyama)
2018 – Mapping Possibilities VI, Live in Cairo, Egypt (in Cooperation with Pro Helvetia)
2018 – Mapping Possibilities VI Live-Show Preparation in Reykjavik, Iceland
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NEOBLOG Swiss Contemporary Music: An Moku – Klangkünstler und Soundtüflter (GER)

Sodapop Magazine: An Moku – Rundum Zürich… (IT)

An Moku – Zwischen den Zeilen. Ein Interview. (GER)

«…Doch stets interagieren die Dinge, wirken aufeinander und im Sinne einer neuralen Rückkopplung auch miteinander. Klingt verschwurbelt, ist aber ganz einfach – nämlich kontemplative KlangKunst vom Feinsten. 5 von 5.» – Westzeit Magazin

«…This is in the zone between drone electronics and abstract electroacoustic music, further afield than most ambient music, especially in its unpredictability. …As there’s a lot that’s original and much that’s surprising going on in this music, and as such no two tracks are quite alike.» – Audion, Issue No. 69

«…Tre lati di un personaggio che sicuramente merita attenzione e che sembra avere parecchie frecce nel suo arco, sia come musicista che come produttore artistico.» – Sodapop Magazine