How to toast a snow flake, Dom?

Dominik Grenzler is a sound artist and bass guitar player with a spot for experimental and ambient soundscapes. In 2008 he began with the initial recording sessions for AN MOKU. The literal translation of the Japanese word «Anmoku» is “tacit, unsaid, implicit” conveying that an idea or thought cannot be put into words but is subconsciously understood. Inspired and animated, with this approach, Dominik’s abstract, cinematic music gives the listener room for imagination and interpretation. His approach to ambient is highly personal, as he manages to generate tension with a hidden musicality, drowned in a miasma of organic, yet manipulated, sounds. Dominik describes AN MOKU often as distinctive atonal madness.

Born in 1977 in Gdynia. Raised on a soundtrack of bubbly 80’s synth pop and early 90’s guitar music. Playing e-bass in several bands in Germany’s former coal-mining hub, the Ruhr district, from 1993 to 1995, he gained experiences in a wide variety of musical genres. This is followed by numerous performances with supporting acts for Whitney Houston, Joe Cocker, Marla Glen as a hired bass-guitar player by the singer and songwriter Daniel Denecke amongst others from 1998 through to 2001. Inspired by many experiences during travels, encounters and further training Dominik started to explore sound in different and uncommercial ways and founded the music project: AN MOKU.

Privately, Dominik Grenzler is living and working in his adopted hometown of Zurich, where he owns, together with his girlfriend Sara Hochuli, a café with cake bakery known as Miyuko. Since 2015 he is the founder and curator of the micro label EndTitles. In 2016 he opened a café called Kumiko in Reykjavik.

EndTitles is a micro label from Zurich focused on exploring fusions of genres of contemporary music.


2019 – EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab #2-4 (Universalfilter, Steinbrüchel, Stan Pete, Joel Gilardini, Feyz & Snoopy over the Hills)
2019 – «Live in Cairo 2018» @EndTitles
2019 – Online Streaming Services: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal
2018 – EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab #1 (Joel Gilardini & Chihei Hatakeyama)
2018 – Mapping Possibilities VI, Live in Cairo, Egypt (in Cooperation with Pro Helvetia)
2018 – Live-Show Preparations for Cairo in Reykjavik, Iceland
2017 – Music for the Podcast-Show «Vlowers»
2015 – 2017 Music for three Mini-Documentaries by Jan Knüsel
2015 – until today: EndTitles (label founded and curated by AN MOKU)
2014 – «KODAMA Remixes» @tonAtom
2013 – Recordings in Cagliari, Sardinia with Adriano Orrù
2013 – «Quietschende Kaffeemühle» @Cooperativa Neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany
2013 – «Off Mirrors» (Album with Virlyn) @Dead Tapes
2013 – Recordings for «Off Mirrors» in Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 – «How to catch STILLE?» (AN MOKU’s charity project for people with hearing loss)
2012 – «MONONOCLE» @ETAlabel
2012 – «one20» Nation of Clang EP @tonAtom
2012 – «StummeOrgel|| Stumme Geige» @Black Square Netlabel
2011 – «Kids at play» Nation of Clang EP @tonAtom
2011 – «Urban Interventions« (Field recordings project with Marcus Beuter) @Black Square Netlabel
2011 – «STILLE» @Mind Twisting Records
2010 – Sondermann: Ups and Downs (Remix)

Welcome to AN MOKU’s
How to catch STILLE?” Project


No other art can endorse the importance of good hearing better than music. It is universal and transcends geographical, social and linguistic boundaries.

How to catch STILLE? is cought from the view of various musicians. What started as a remix album of AN MOKU’s first album STILLE became a higher meaning. The literal translation of the german word “Stille” is silentness/quietness. Each several track deals with the meaning of this. Hearing loss is a very significant matter. More than ever in hectical nowadays! One in every six people worldwide is affected by hearing loss. As the population ages – and noise pollution in the world increases – more and more people will be losing their hearing. The consequences of untreated hearing loss can extend as far as complete social isolation.

According to the World Health Organization, 642 million people in the world suffer from hearing loss. Of these, 278 million suffer from hearing loss so disabling that actions most people take for granted, like having a conversation, are impossible for them without a hearing aid. The majority live in developing countries and almost none have access to hearing aids or services. The cost of hearing care is simply unaffordable and there are too few audiologists working in poor countries to provide treatment for everyone.

Where the money went: Even in Switzerland organizations need money to survive, to help other people. So, I have decided to help and chose sonos Schweiz.


One year passed and I met the chairman of sonos Schweiz, Mr. Schlegel yesterday, 7th of April, 2014. We talked about the project in general and the way I have collected the money. I told him about my little café «Les Gourmandises de Miyuko», because most of the money i have collected by selling a cup of coffee or tea. The guests left the change saying: « Hey, please keep the change for your project.» This was very nice of them and sometimes it made me cry – almost ;-)

I would like to thank the donators from Iceland, Germany and Canada as well for their donation made online.

Due to the fact that the idea of this project is great, it is not easy to collect money these days. Sometimes I was thinking that it might be easier to gather money for animals with hear loss rather than for people. This was disappointing, but I made it and finished the project. sonos Schweiz have been very happy with it.

sonos Schweiz wrote about the project and they are going to print this in their newspaper in may. It is written in german and I do not have a translation. Sorry for that.

You can read it here.

The album is downloadable for free from now on. Feel fee to listen to the great works.

Download it here.

On behalf of all artists and donators- Thank you for your support!

Dominik Grenzler