Life Unfiltered #2: Reykjavik

8th of October Café Kumiko by Sara Hochuli(Miyuko) had its grand opening in Reykjavik! Here’s a short behind the scenes of Jan Knüsel’s ongoing mini documentary series about Sara. It’s basically a film about him filming Sara, shot again on this tiny wearable camera (by Drift Innovation). Watch it here: Thank you for the support Arne!


This is what I am working on since months. First of all I do own a café and cake bakery in Zurich with my partner in crime, Sara Hochuli and this is how I earn my money. Currently Sara and I are working on a new project in Reykjavik. During all the ups and downs I […]

Adriano Orrù & Silvia Corda @ 6. IOIC Stummfilm-Festival in Zurich

November and December 2015 have been very exciting for me and Silvia, indeed! In a few days we had a tour in Portugal and Switzerland and two releases involving us. Being a musician includes sometime to experience periods so frantic alternating with others completely steady. We had 3 concerts in Lisbon playing together with fantastic […]