Let me introduce you to the guy I found on the internet among others!


Born in the bad part of a backwater town, Virlyn’s only escape from the boredom that enveloped him was taking hallucinogens at an early age. This led him to both experimental first words (“dada” and “dodecahedron”) and experimental music. He put his peculiar fascination with music and animal sounds to practice when he was given the sought-after Animal Farm electronic set from Mattel. Producing promising farm sounds at an alarmingly high rate, his parents were quick to label him a genius. Hoping the world would soon follow, Virlyn bought his first barrel organ at the tender age of ten and quickly made his way to the very top of the barrel organ scene. His title as “King of the Barrel organ 1995” (youngest ever!) propelled him to quit school and move to the big city. There, he endured a couple of challenging (read: homeless) years that nonetheless helped him craft his art. Holding down a job in the exciting industry of waste allocation allowed him to set some money aside, and eight years later he used his meager earnings to buy a laptop. Virlyn as we know him today took shape! Planet Mu and Warp Records soon discovered his exceptionally well-hidden talents, the latter of which ultimately chose to release his first EP “Wolk” under the Xtraplex Records label. His parents are still not regretting the purchase of that Animal Farm set.

Xtraplex Records