Virlyn’s «Man asleep»

“Man Asleep” is an electronic experiment with a wide variety of instruments. The idea is to deform and reform the classic sounds of various instruments and vocals and to reuse them in an electronic and atmospheric setting. With an emphasis on experimentation the original musical output of the instrument is reshaped and distorted beyond recognition. A second constant is the use of housemade sounds and field recordings, varying from recordings from nature (rain, fire, footsteps in snow) to the use of selfmade wooden and plastic sound reproducing equipment. These field recordings and homemade sounds infuse the soundscapes with a more tangible and less elusive sensation.

Instruments and software: cello, violin, banjo, flute, duduk, percussion, house made sound devices, FL Studio, Audition.


released 23 April 2013
Vocals on ‘Lorelei’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Kristal’ by Cristiane Silva Corten.
Sax on ‘Dawn’ by Lucas Van Milders.
Duduk on ‘Lilith’ by Lieven Stockx.
Cello on ‘Descent’ recorded by Dominik Grenzler.
Violin on ‘Swan’ and ‘Kristal’ recorded by Frédéric Vanderlynden.
Field recordings by Frédéric Vanderlynden.
‘Mirror’ is part of a collaboration with Dominik Grenzler aka AN MOKU.Artwork by Emma Shoard |

Thanks to Grzegorz Bojanek @ ETALABEL, Dominik Grenzler, Cristiane Silva Corten, Lucas Van Milders, Emma Shoard, Pauline & Anémone Vanderlynden, Hilde Declerck, Mateusz Bąkała @ Widzimisie, Serge Vanderlynden and finally Joannes Truyens for endlessly having to listen to my experiments.

Special thanks to Dominique Grenzler for the musical input.