New Release: Live in Cairo 2018


Back in September 2018 I have been invited to play a show at the Mapping Possibilities VI festival in Cairo. This show took place at the Cinema Zawya and it was an anniversary show for Pro Helvetia Cairo. The idea of the Mapping Possibilities festivals is to play a live show supported by strong visuals. My Visual Artist was Mostafa El Baroody. So arm yourself with good headphones and while you are listening to this album just imagine crazy visuals. Some of the original works by Mostafa can be seen on my webpage.

Have fun!


My special thanks go to Rami Abadir, Slam Shabana, Peter Fares (Pro Helvetia Cairo), Weldroid, Mostafa El Baroody, Arne Luttropp, Joel Gilardini, Helge Kaul, Niculin Barandun, Ismael, Aly Nabil, Adriano Orrù and Sara Hochuli.

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Arovane’s album…

Back in 2015 I was asked by the founder of EndTitles @dominikgrenzler to compose a soundtrack for a silent film. The festival took place in Zurich. I had to choose from a couple of silent films and I liked Salomé – a film adaption of the Oscar Wilde play of the same name (1923), directed by Charles Bryant. The play itself is a loose retelling of the biblical story of King Herod and his execution of John the baptist (here, as in Wilde’s play, called Jokaanan) at the request of Herod’s stepdaughter, Salomé, whom he lusts after.” – AROVANE.

The album “Salomé” will be released next week, 7th of March🙌🏻

AMN Reviews: Adriano Orrù – Hèsperos

Hèsperos is a new solo release from Sardinian double bassist Adriano Orrù. The six pieces collected here are diverse in sound but unified at the conceptual level. What Orrù has done is form each one around the idea of a winnowing down to fundamentals, quite literally: All six are constructed around the fundamental tone or tones of one of more open strings.
Hèsperos is lyrical at the same time that it is experimental. The idea of focusing each piece on an open string is a natural one for the bass, and here it is developed in ways that elicit a kind of singing—the results are not at all dry or abstract, as one might expect from an experiment rooted in such an a priori concept. This is a variety of idea art that doesn’t sacrifice the art for the idea.
Daniel Barbiero

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