This is (not) a toy.

Well, this is something beautiful for sure. I really love the sound of the reverb. I have decided not to go for a Big Sky but to stay with my Cathedral and add Neunaber’s Immerse to my set. I might combine them or alternate. But there is an addition in my mind to these two already… But for now, I just immerse.



Weapons of choice🙌🏻 No.2

weapon of choice no.9: memory boy analog delay. made by @ehx. i simply love how it sounds👌🏻



weapon of choice no.10: kaosspad. third edition. made by @korgofficial. still a beauty and working, bought in tokyo back in 2008🙌🏻 i used the KP3 during a show in cairo recently and it did a great job💪🏻



weapon of choice no.11: i call it CRACKLE. airfx made by @alesis_gear. out of production since years. used to be a tool for djs. i use it because it makes nice unpredictable crackles and the eye remains me of HAL 9000🙌🏻



weapon of choice no.12: Zoom BFX-708 Bass Effects Processor. made by @zoomsoundlab. this was my first efx i have ever bought in the mid nineties. i used to keep it more than simple and minimalistic. it is dusty now and i have not used it since 2002. but it did a great job back then and served me well during all my shows with my bands and the supporting shows as a hired bass-player like for whitney houston, marla glen or for joe cocker between 1999-2001 and many more. good old memories 😊



weapon of choice no.13: Super Chorus CS5. made by @officialibanezguitars. this was my 2nd efx i have ever bought in the nineties and the last one for 15 years. this one and my bass effects processor used to be a strong combi for new-metal gigs back then. the cs5 is still working and has a nice clean chorus sound. good old memories 😊



Weapon of my choice no. 13: Immerse Reverberator. Made by @neunaberaudio. This is (not) a toy – They say. Well, this is something beautiful for sure. I really love the sound of the reverb. I have decided not to go for a Big Sky but to stay with my Cathedral by @ehx and add Neunaber’s Immerse to my set. I might combine them or alternate. But there is an addition in my mind to these two already… But for now, I just immerse🙌🏻


Weapons of choice🙌🏻

every morning the best weapon of choice: black coffee.

weapon of choice no.2 (no specific order): i call it RONIN. the name is inspired by @nikbartsch. made by @zoomsoundlab, introduced by @joelgilardini

weapon of choice no.3 (no specific order): my all times fav coffee grinder. bring the noise🙌🏻 thx @amluttropp

weapon of choice no.4 (no specific order): vapor trail. delay made by @seymourduncanpickups. introduced by @amluttropp

weapon of choice no.5 (no specific order): Micro [D] 🙌🏻 made by @ollahandmadeinstruments introduced by @joelgilardini

weapon of choice no.6 (no specific order): kaossilator. first edition. made by @korgofficial. bought in tokyo back in 2008🙌🏻

weapon of choice no.7: microphonic soundbox. made by @leafaudio, introduced by @obliquenoir 🙌🏻

weapon of choice no.8: cathedral digital reverb. made by @ehx. i have bought it in nyc back in 2013. i simply love working with it 🙌🏻

Der Tanz der Maisstärke

Im April 2012 gab ich meine Geräte in Ehren an den deutschen Klangtüftler Stan Pete weiter.tumblr_m2ig860z791r2kr1vo1_1280
Nun schrieb er mir:

«Dein Oszilloskop hatte dieses Jahr seinen ersten Auftritt auf der Geniale in Bielefeld, wo wir junge Besucher an Circuit Bending herangeführt haben. Den Conrad Signalgenarator haben wir dieses Jahr für eine Abschlussarbeit einer Freundin benutzt. Wir haben damit Maisstärke zum tanzen gebracht :)»

Und hier ist das Video dazu:

AROVANE’s Loop Expansion pack for Twisted Tools


The AROVANE Loop Expansion pack features 128 loops by the legendary AROVANE. At a tempo of 125BPM, these loops are just what you need to jumpstart your experimental electronic, IDM and glitch productions. In addition to the WAV files, this expansion comes with an optional expansion bank for Twisted Tools ULTRALOOP, featuring 128 hand-crafted presets to instantly get you started generating new grooves, variations and song ideas. With the ULTRALOOP expansion bank, 128 loops become hundreds more in no-time.

  • 128 Loops drums, percussion and fx loops by AROVANE
  • 125BPM
  • 16bit/44.1khz .WAV Files
  • Works with any Mac, PC or tablet device that supports .WAV files
  • 504MB
  • Includes optional ULTRALOOP EXPANSION snapshots with 128 presets for ULTRALOOP


Buy it here:

Shibuya – Mecca for music equipment lovers

During my stay in Tokyo’s Shibuya a few days ago, I made a walk in the area around the Cerulean Tower looking for interesting spots. I knew this area already, but never checked it out. This time I could manage and found six shops of interest: Two huge shops with wide range of music equipment, one with used instruments only, two with guitars and a special tiny one :-) I took pictures of the shops only and have no names or webpages (sorry for that). So this quick review is recommended for guys who are going to visit Shibuya and do not have much time (I made my walk within 1.5h). Tokyo has hundreds of such nice spots full of music stuff such as the one in Harajuku called Floor G, but I did not find an area like that one before. Here you get such a range of shops in the surroundings. If I am wrong – let me know.

Bild 22.05.14 um 20.35 I started with a cup of Sunday Coffee’s black coffee (just in case you love coffee: Japan is not famous for coffee, so you have to search for tasty coffee spots). Sunday Coffee is nearby spot no.1: Hoockie’s Musician Farm is your dealer No.1 if you go for guitars. A small shop in the basement. Friendly stuff (nerds) as usual. Ask them, they get it for you done.

Having a nice walk away from the main road I arrived at spot no. 2, a store with seven levels. You get everything thee! Honestly. This is definitely the shop of my choice. Synths, recording equipment, DJ equipment, drums, guitars, pedals etc. and even a small recording studio. The prices are a little bit cheaper compared to Music Land Key (spot no. 3). Music Land Key is the biggest shop/store I have seen so far. So what to say, just check them out and get amazed.

Alright, if you do not have enough of all these impressions by now just follow the street and find a tiny shop (sorry, no picture) full of stuff you do not find in stores anymore, because you do not need them at all. Ha! I found there blank audio cassettes. 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min etc. Very cheap. If you are running a record company or are a sound artist using analog equipment and need audio cassettes per chance? – Do not forget to bring a huge bag with you! Spot no. 5 is the place to be for buying an acoustic guitar. Two floors. Did not check the basement (third floor). Amazing. And finally the last shop no. 6 with a huge advertisement on the front of the building. All used instruments: guitars, bass guitars, brass etc.

Wow, now had to leave. I had to return to the hotel or staying there would mean a heart attack for me. Far too many impressions. I could buy so many things… The result of my Shibuya walk: I bought new strings for my old ukulele at Music Land Key and three blank audio cassettes at the tiny shop. Shibuya seems to me as a kind of Mecca for music equipment lovers, musicians, street artists and and and. You pass recording studios, record companies, Jazz bars, nice restaurants… A great area away from the mainstream on the other side of Shibuya station. If you consider to buy equipment in Japan and do not have much time at all – do it there. Highly recommended!