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Wie ihr wisst, können/dürfen viele Musiker aufgrund der gegenwärtigen Lage nicht mehr touren und mit euch, bei euch sein. Hier in Zürich nehmen manche die Lage sehr erst, manche, wie ich sehe, extrem lax. Doch genauso wie viele andere Menschen in Europa fällt ihnen definitiv ein Teil ihres Einkommens aus. Mit eurem kleinen Support (gar einer Tasse Espresso als Unkosten oder einem symbolischen €, CHF, ±“#Ç[]|{}≠) könnt ihr sie unterstützen. Wir, im Namen ALLER, arbeiten hard an unserer Musik und ja, alles ist eine Frage des Geschmacks und der Sichtweise. Trotzallem, ihr könnt heutzutage unsere Musik so einfach wie noch nie fördern! Begebt euch auf eine Entdeckungsreise. Nehmt euch die paar Minuten. Ich führe unten eine nicht chronologische Auflistung der Künstler auf, mit denen ich die Ehre habe/hatte zusammen zu arbeiten; kleine Künstler, die ich dufte finde; Künstler, die in meinen Augen etwas für die Sparten-, Szenenförderung leisten! Ich selbst habe gestern Abend 15 Alben auf Bandcamp gekauft. Danke euch. Auf geht es:

Weldroid: Webpage
Album: Regenerative, Camatosed Disruption, Cure Light Wounds

Joel Gilardini: Webpage
Album: Against Heatwaves, For a Void Room, Endurance

Virlyn: Webpage
Album: Of Mirrors, Live in Zurich, Man Asleep

Stijn Hüwels: Webpage
Album: Tomodachi, Fiedler, No Voices

Arovane: Webpage
Album: Lilies, Salomé, Kaziwa, Modul 2

Meanwhile in Texas: Webpage
Album: Endurance, Technicolor Dreams, Golden Ruins

Adriano Orrù: Webpage
Album: Hèsperos, Stanze, The Breath, Live at MIA 2015

Biggles: Webpage
Album: Wondertaker, Mysterious Island

Feyz: Webpage
Album: Borderline, Live_Cuts, Fenalk

Oblique Noir: Webpage
Album: Slices – 1st Cut, 2nd Cut, 3rd Cut

Silvia Corda: Webpage
Album: Clairvoyance, Palimpsest, Unknown Shores

Wilhelm Matthies: Webpage
Album: Between You and We, Passage, Original Instrument Concert

Arbee: Webpage
Album: Variations Verdatres, Arborescence, Un Certaine Assurance

Tim & Puma Mimi: Webpage
Album: Don’t Mess Around With, The Adventures of Tim & Puma Mimi, Mysterious Island

Colin Muir Dorwart: Webpage
Album: Pheves

Stan Pete: Webpage
Album: unendliche Live-Performances

Snoopy Over The Hills: Webpage
Album: Birds, Live_Cuts

Marcus Beuter: Webpage
Album: unendliche Live-Performances

Stefan Schmidt: Webpage
Album: Pestilentia Magna, Live at Palazzo Viceregio, arc/hive a [piano]

Longmo: Webpage
Album: Sanban, Ankoku Dub, Yugen

Grzegorz Bojanek: Webpage
Album: Constraints, Remaining Sounds, Warm Winter Music

Steinbrüchel: Webpage
Album: Schleifen, Parallel Landscapes

Kid Schurke: Webpage
Album: Mysterious Island, unendliche Remixes

Bitte um Nachsicht, falls ich Jemanden vergessen haben sollte.

Wir danken für eure Unterstützung!

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Weapons of choice🙌🏻 No.3

Weapon of my choice no. 14: Ocean Machine. Made by @mooeraudioand Davin Townsend. Two delays, reverb and looper. This is a killer machine for synths and electronic toys. You do not think much, you just follow the sound and adjust a little by playing with the knobs. A great value! And a really great upgrade with such beautiful buttons by @barefootbuttons 🙌🏻 best way to cover too bright lightings👍🏻




Weapon of my choice no. 15: Deco. Made by Strymon. Well, this is probably my current secret weapon no. 1🙌🏻. Up to my definition of music and up to what i am doing, Deco turns the saturated output into a beautifully warm and intense sound. It is simply awesome🙌🏻 combined with the wide stereo option😎.




Weapon of my choice no. 16: El Capistan. Made by Strymon. I have bought this pedal after I saw it in action during a concert at my café Miyuko in Zurich. @chiheihatakeyama used it in his minimalistic set and inspired me. I am a Memory Boy fan but this one blew me away. Nothing more to say except take a closer look at the Brigardier as well.



Weapon of my choice no. 17: Sonic Reducer. Custom made by Matteo. Originally @parasitstudio. This is a nice Bitcrusher or a Killer-Machine 😍Nicely done, Matteo. Thx @parasitstudio



Weapon of my choice no. 18: Loop Station RC-3. Made by @bossfx_us. When it comes to this Looper people do love the RC-1 or that unit. I love the 3h storage🙌🏻 Simple, relyable und good sounding. This only thing i would wish if i may, would be a higher sample resolution. But maybe Boss is working on that already, who knows – and 16 Bit are good enough so far💪🏻



Weapon of my choice no. 19: Raygun Youth Chaos Fuzz. Again custom made by Matteo. Originally by @parasitstudio. The Raygun Youth Fuzz is a very synthy and totally insane octave fuzz based around a PLL (phase locked loop) chip. Noise freaks should like it. That is why I named this pedal Health as well. Maybe some guys remember the first two @_health_ releases?! Nicely done, Matteo. Thx @parasitstudio





Weapons of choice🙌🏻 No.2

weapon of choice no.9: memory boy analog delay. made by @ehx. i simply love how it sounds👌🏻



weapon of choice no.10: kaosspad. third edition. made by @korgofficial. still a beauty and working, bought in tokyo back in 2008🙌🏻 i used the KP3 during a show in cairo recently and it did a great job💪🏻



weapon of choice no.11: i call it CRACKLE. airfx made by @alesis_gear. out of production since years. used to be a tool for djs. i use it because it makes nice unpredictable crackles and the eye remains me of HAL 9000🙌🏻



weapon of choice no.12: Zoom BFX-708 Bass Effects Processor. made by @zoomsoundlab. this was my first efx i have ever bought in the mid nineties. i used to keep it more than simple and minimalistic. it is dusty now and i have not used it since 2002. but it did a great job back then and served me well during all my shows with my bands and the supporting shows as a hired bass-player like for whitney houston, marla glen or for joe cocker between 1999-2001 and many more. good old memories 😊



weapon of choice no.13: Super Chorus CS5. made by @officialibanezguitars. this was my 2nd efx i have ever bought in the nineties and the last one for 15 years. this one and my bass effects processor used to be a strong combi for new-metal gigs back then. the cs5 is still working and has a nice clean chorus sound. good old memories 😊



Weapon of my choice no. 13: Immerse Reverberator. Made by @neunaberaudio. This is (not) a toy – They say. Well, this is something beautiful for sure. I really love the sound of the reverb. I have decided not to go for a Big Sky but to stay with my Cathedral by @ehx and add Neunaber’s Immerse to my set. I might combine them or alternate. But there is an addition in my mind to these two already… But for now, I just immerse🙌🏻


Weapons of choice🙌🏻

every morning the best weapon of choice: black coffee.

weapon of choice no.2 (no specific order): i call it RONIN. the name is inspired by @nikbartsch. made by @zoomsoundlab, introduced by @joelgilardini

weapon of choice no.3 (no specific order): my all times fav coffee grinder. bring the noise🙌🏻 thx @amluttropp

weapon of choice no.4 (no specific order): vapor trail. delay made by @seymourduncanpickups. introduced by @amluttropp

weapon of choice no.5 (no specific order): Micro [D] 🙌🏻 made by @ollahandmadeinstruments introduced by @joelgilardini

weapon of choice no.6 (no specific order): kaossilator. first edition. made by @korgofficial. bought in tokyo back in 2008🙌🏻

weapon of choice no.7: microphonic soundbox. made by @leafaudio, introduced by @obliquenoir 🙌🏻

weapon of choice no.8: cathedral digital reverb. made by @ehx. i have bought it in nyc back in 2013. i simply love working with it 🙌🏻