Soundtrack for Podcast

A podcast is a very common tool to spread the word. I love listening to podcasts.

Sandra Weber is a talented person. She is vegan and she is the mastermind behind a swiss magazine called VLOWERS – joyful vegan living. Some days ago we met and came up with the idea of producing a track for her podcast. So I did it in the middle of the night. It is done and I am very excited to listen to the whole thing very soon :-)

Btw, I am reading the new DRIFT issue currently ;-)



Watch the 2nd part of the documentation and enjoy what I am still working on: running a café in Zurich, making a bit of music and opening a café in Reykjavik soon :-)



working on new tunes for the 3rd and last part of the documentary about sara hochuli with piano sounds and noises :-)



This is what I am working on since months. First of all I do own a café and cake bakery in Zurich with my partner in crime, Sara Hochuli and this is how I earn my money. Currently Sara and I are working on a new project in Reykjavik. During all the ups and downs I found a little time to make music for the documentation. Watch the first part and enjoy what I am doing :-)


Sorry for not posting. It is quiet around ENDTITLES and AN MOKU now due to the maker’s Café project in Reykjavik :-)