the 2nd chapter “zwischenraum”of the “raum“-trilogy by dominik grenzler aka an moku and stefan schmidt. finely crafted ambient / soundscapes using stringed instruments, synthesizer, electronics and field recordings. 

when dominik grenzler aka an moku, a sound artist and bass player based in zurich, approached stefan schmidt (guitarist, composer and improviser from baden-baden) with the idea of collaborating, it turned out the initial spark for a fruitful process and artistic exchange. within just a couple of weeks they not only managed to craft “raum” (the german word for room / space), the duo also realized there was still a plethora of ideas to explore and that this first album wouldn’t be their last – rather, they conceived a full “raum”-trilogy, named after and inspired by a sentence grenzler had read in david foster wallace’s unconventional bestseller novel “infinite jest”: “die echte welt ist nur ein raum.” (“the real world is just a room.”). 

on “zwischenraum”, grenzler and schmidt continue their sonic trip into abstract voids, crafted by finely processed sounds of different origins like cello, field recordings and a vast array of electronic equipment. From the opener “yama” with its indian drone to the closer “sediment” the atmosphere is dark and alien, with references to hauntology and musique concrète, and yet organic, even harmonic. The future may be bleak, but there is still life. 

All tracks composed and produced by An Moku and Stefan Schmidt
Recorded in February 2021 with field recordings, acoustic and electronic instruments
Double Bass by Adriano Orrù on Schwere See
Mastering by Weldroid
Cover Artwork by Stefan Schmidt


Today an exciting album was released on my EndTitles label: SFAIRA by Tilman Ehrhorn (aka WERKEN). As explained in my last collective message to you, this release is one of the cornerstones of this year. I think that working closely with Tilman last late summer turned an album into a little masterpiece. Personally, I already consider it one of the musical highlights of 2022. I hope you like it too!

SFAIRA is available at a reduced price for the next two weeks. My Bandcamp subscribers get it for free, of course. In the coming days I will write an email to each of you personally.

Thank you and enjoy listening!

Dingeklang Vol​.​2 – Sound pack of other fancy obsolete electro acoustic devices

Dear Listener, Musician, Fan!

Did you ever ask yourself how other fancy devices might sound electro magnetically? Well, each device has its own sound. Even the more fancy ones. During my stay in Ireland this August I made a recording session and thanks to the unstable Irish electricity an exciting sound came to light. Frankly speaking, it was NOISE. What else to expect ;-) 

And again, devices new and old, obsolete, some of them never used, some of them used on regular basis have been listened to by using Stan Pete’s «Elektra» electromagnetic microphones and recorded with a Zoom H5 in August of 2021 during m stay in Ireland. The result is a new sound pack full of 30 interesting sounds, domestic electric interferences and voltage: Dingeklang Vol​.​2 – Sound pack of other fancy obsolete electro acoustic devices

You can grab this sound pack again for free for a limited time or pay what you want but please consider to pay a bit since I would love to support the great photo artist, Sana. She is so awesome! Thank you in advance :-) 

So, start sampling, mangling. Feel free and be inspired to transform the sound into something new. I have left plenty of headroom for you to experiment with. Please let me know what you’ve created. (This license lets you distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as you credit me for the original creation.) 

Music created with my previous Sound pack:

Darren Dyke aka Pancycle is a Musician and Craftsman from Belgium. His track called «56» is inspired by and created with sounds from my sound pack «Dingeklang Vol.1». Listen and support his music:

An other great and wonderful work comes from the French Musician Thierry Arnal aka SEPL. His track is full of power and drones. Listen and support his music:


Sana Vahdati 
Abstraction photographer, graduated in architecture.

Peter Schwieger aka Stan Pete 
Installations, Instruments, Modular music

Her Dark Materials

Am 19. März veröffentlichte ich eine kleine Single: Her Dark Materials.
Das Stück «Her» ist meine eigene Hommage an die Filmemacherin Maya Deren und den demnächst erscheinenden «Maya Deren»-Soundtrack, den ich gemeinsam mit dem Zürcher Gitarristen und Freund Joel Gilardini Oktober-Dezember 2019 aufgenommen habe. Anfang Dezember performten wir auf dem 10. IOIC-Festival in Zürich und spielten die Stücke zu Maya Deren’s magischen Avant-Garde-Filmen. Im Januar schickte ich «Her» meinem Freund Tamas aka Weldroid nach Schweden, dessen Sounddesign ich sehr schätze. In dem Stück kommen ab ca. der ersten Minute seine Panning-Modulareinsätze zum Tragen. Die Idee hinter diesem Stück ist es die Leitmelodie samt dem Erzeuger (Piano) in den Hintergrund zu drücken und den eigentlichen Hintergrund nach vorne zu bringen. Inside out. LoFi. Alles leicht tape-saturiert durch meinem 30 Jahre alten Fostex Multitracker. 

Das Stück «Dark Materials» basiert ebenfalls auf meiner Pianoaufnahme. Allerdings LoFi. Ergänzt durch Kimi Fiebigs minimalistische Geigeneinsätze. Ich habe bereits 2016 mit Kimi Aufnahmen für eine Doku gemacht. Ihre Geigeneinsätze habe ich eher versteckt und man muss wirklich genau hinhören. Doch sobald man sich an den Ton und Klang gewöhnt, hört man Kimis Pizzicati und ihre leise Geige (an einer Stelle bewusst plakativ). Alle Aufnahmen sind durch meine Elektronik modifiziert. Auch hier liegt der Fokus auf LoFi. Alles leicht tape-saturiert durch meinem 30 Jahre alten Fostex Multitracker. 

Ich wünsche viel Vergnügen. Höre über bessere Lautsprecher oder Kopfhörer und danke für Deine Unterstützung!  

Electronics, Piano by AN MOKU 
Violin on «Dark Materials» by Kimi Fiebig 
Modular on «Her» by Weldroid 
Mastering by Weldroid

One Minute Soundtrack [35]

Den Video-Clip habe ich heute Vormittag für die @one_minute_soundtrack Gruppe auf Instagram fertiggestellt. Als visuelles Ausgangsmaterial dienten mir meine Aufnahmen vom Zürcher Stummfilmfestival aus dem Jahre 2017.

Für die Live-Audioaufnahmen kamen folgende Geräte zum Einsatz : Quantum Defrakulator Drone Synth, Into the Unknown Guitar Synthesizer Deluxe, Zoom MS-70CDR, Kaoss Pad 3, Strymon El Capistan, Neunaber Immerse Reverb

One Minute Soundtrack…

Weapons of choice🙌🏻 No.3

Weapon of my choice no. 14: Ocean Machine. Made by @mooeraudioand Davin Townsend. Two delays, reverb and looper. This is a killer machine for synths and electronic toys. You do not think much, you just follow the sound and adjust a little by playing with the knobs. A great value! And a really great upgrade with such beautiful buttons by @barefootbuttons 🙌🏻 best way to cover too bright lightings👍🏻




Weapon of my choice no. 15: Deco. Made by Strymon. Well, this is probably my current secret weapon no. 1🙌🏻. Up to my definition of music and up to what i am doing, Deco turns the saturated output into a beautifully warm and intense sound. It is simply awesome🙌🏻 combined with the wide stereo option😎.




Weapon of my choice no. 16: El Capistan. Made by Strymon. I have bought this pedal after I saw it in action during a concert at my café Miyuko in Zurich. @chiheihatakeyama used it in his minimalistic set and inspired me. I am a Memory Boy fan but this one blew me away. Nothing more to say except take a closer look at the Brigardier as well.



Weapon of my choice no. 17: Sonic Reducer. Custom made by Matteo. Originally @parasitstudio. This is a nice Bitcrusher or a Killer-Machine 😍Nicely done, Matteo. Thx @parasitstudio



Weapon of my choice no. 18: Loop Station RC-3. Made by @bossfx_us. When it comes to this Looper people do love the RC-1 or that unit. I love the 3h storage🙌🏻 Simple, relyable und good sounding. This only thing i would wish if i may, would be a higher sample resolution. But maybe Boss is working on that already, who knows – and 16 Bit are good enough so far💪🏻



Weapon of my choice no. 19: Raygun Youth Chaos Fuzz. Again custom made by Matteo. Originally by @parasitstudio. The Raygun Youth Fuzz is a very synthy and totally insane octave fuzz based around a PLL (phase locked loop) chip. Noise freaks should like it. That is why I named this pedal Health as well. Maybe some guys remember the first two @_health_ releases?! Nicely done, Matteo. Thx @parasitstudio





Soundtrack for Podcast

A podcast is a very common tool to spread the word. I love listening to podcasts.

Sandra Weber is a talented person. She is vegan and she is the mastermind behind a swiss magazine called VLOWERS – joyful vegan living. Some days ago we met and came up with the idea of producing a track for her podcast. So I did it in the middle of the night. It is done and I am very excited to listen to the whole thing very soon :-)

Btw, I am reading the new DRIFT issue currently ;-)