EndTitles’ New Artist: Joel Gilardini


Joel Gilardini is an experimental guitarist and sound designer, based in Zurich (Switzerland). Being a self-tough guitarist, and driven by the urge and the will to experiment with sounds, Joel followed a very peculiar path which lead him over a broad range of soundfields, touching different musical attitudes and genres like metal, ambient, doom, dub, and noise.

By using live‐looping, improvisation and instant composition techniques, Joel creates a very unique biosphere, where these elements are constantly blended together, giving birth and shape to continuously morphing soundscapes and moods.

Involved in various projects, he is well known for his live-ambient-guitar sets as an opening act for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin (ECM) in Zurich’s clubs, as well as being the mastermind behind the experimental-doom-metal act The Land Of The Snow and part of the noise-industrial duo Mulo Muto (together with Attila Folklor, from grind-punkers Insomnia Isterica).

He has worked and collaborated with names in the like of She Retina Stimulants, Aborym, Mingle, Nicolas Stocker, Eraldo Bernocchi,  Jacopo Pierazzuoli, Ballett Zurich, dancer Benoît Favre, and the collective House Of Pain.


The Land of the Snow