Maya Deren

A few days ago ( 15th of October) my new collab album has been released. Bullflat 3.8 from Japan made a CD with beautiful artwork by Ryo Fujimoto out of it. Big thanks to Michiru Aoyama for releasing this project album.

So, Joel Gilardini know and I each other for quite a long time. We are sharing the same fascination for sounds and musical devices. At some point we started to think: “Why not collaborate together?” 

This opportunity arose when I received an invitation to play at the 10th and very last “Marathon Des Zelluloids”, a silent-movie festival with live performed soundtracks, which took place in December 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland (Pablo Assandri, thanks for the invitation) and invited Joel Gilardini to participate. 

At the beginning of Autumn 2019 Joel and I started to meet on a regular basis for sessions to improvise together. By then we still didn’t know which film we got to set to music, and since we never played together before, the main goal was to develop a feeling for each other. In only a short time together we developed a wonderful flow and during our sessions we collected many ideas and clues how to work together for the festival. 
One month before the festival we were given the actual films we had to create the soundtrack for. We received three short movies by Maya Deren: Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), At Land (1944), and Ritual in Transfigured Time (1946). Due to An Moku‘s sketches the composing process flew by really fast and after three sessions we finalized the music for each film. 

“Maya Deren” is a concept album based around the music composed for the three short-films with selected extracts from the former rehearsal sessions in Autumn. Big thanks to Michiru Aoyama for releasing this project album @bullflat 3.8 

The final movie soundtrack “Scoring Maya Deren” will be released in 2021… Stay tuned!   

Electronics, Modified Coffee Grinder, Electromagnetic Mics by An Moku 
Baritone Guitar, Pedalboard by Joel Gilardini (
Mastering by Chihei Hatakeyama (
Photography & Design by Ryo Fujimoto (
Released by bullflat 3.8, Japan (

My release date will be 15th of November 2020.