Safety in Solitude: Reflections (Backstage Exclusive)

Safety in Solitude is kind of a diary. For a few weeks I am going to post a piece of my music. Weekly. For you, my dear Backstage-Subscriber. The pieces of music will be calm sketches, experimental draws or misty landscapes that did not make it to appear officially yet. Maybe some of them will, some don’t. Maybe. I think they are beautiful as they are. Some of you might know that I am not interested in harmonic melodies that much. What I love are moods and repetitions with their micro alterations which you might not even notice. I am hoping to let you float and give you room for your own interpretation and imagination. This is the 2nd piece of music…

For the fist «Safety in Solitude» tracks I am working with the talented photographer from Spain, Juan TRakO. I asked him for three pictures of his choice. This is the 2nd picture.

Enjoy Reflections and Happy New Year!
(Headphones recommended).