Safety in Solitude: Ask the Snow (Backstage Exclusively)

Good evening Everyone! Hope you are doing great?!

Right now I have released my 4th Safe in Solitude track: Ask the Snow. This piece of music has been made exactly one year ago. I do not own the original project files anymore (!!!) so I left it unchanged. If you ask me, I love it :-)

For this session I was working with the «gastronomic luminary» and authoress from Berlin, Nicole Klauss. The photography has been taken a few days ago during her long walks. She says, whenever she needs to think, she listens to my music. Thank you, Nicole. 

Enjoy Ask the Snow! 
(Headphones recommended) 


Photography: Nicole Klauss

Backstage Subscription:

«Safety in Solitude» is kind of a diary for my Backstage Subscribers which I started last year. The pieces of music I am publishing will be calm sketches, experimental draws or misty landscapes that did not make it to appear officially yet. Maybe some of them will, some don’t. Maybe. I think they are beautiful as they are. Some of you might know that I am not interested in harmonic melodies that much. What I love are moods and repetitions with their micro alterations which you might not even notice. I am hoping to let you float and give room for own interpretation and imagination.