Dio Drone xmas mixtape IX – YŌKAI

«The In-between Days» was made for a X-Mas contribution: Dio Drone xmas mixtape IX – YŌKAI . Naresh Ran asked me to contribute so I made this track while I was suffering from Tinnitus on my right ear. This is how I might have felt during this time…

You can download the whole mixtape until 6th of January 22 fo free!!! 

Enjoy «The In-between Days», Merry Xmas and happy New Year :-)

YŌKAI, Japanese word for ‘demon’ and ‘curse’, is a black novel inspired by the folklore of the Yuki Onna ghost. This mix, as usual, has been conceived to be played loud and in the right mood and atmosphere. 
So take your time to enjoy it comfortably, in total darkness. 

All tracks are previously unreleased ! 
Dio Drone would like to thank all the people and the projects involved in this mixtape for their trust and friendship: Antonio Raia, Ramon Moro, Joel Gilardini, Gabriele Gasparotti, An Moku, H!U, Varuna Gloom, Ihä, Skrei, Vū, Moshè O Grady, Meanwhile In Texas, The Ghost Gardener. 

All additional sounds and readings by Nàresh Ran.