First stats: «How to catch STILLE?»

currently more than 100 people donated little money for this project. 75% by coming to my café directly from places nearby. after buying some sweets, sometimes they give little tip with words like: «and that is for your project». this is an awesome gesture which tears me up.
as far as i can see – this project seams to avail in germany and swiss. if people donate, they do it very carefully with a lot of questions about paypal and how save it is. so before they name their price, i answer their questions by email and tell them what to do. they are not bandcamp members and never heard of paypal. in the end – the money will be donated to non-profit organizations.

if people keep on going to download the album for free without any donation, i am forced to sell the album without «name your price» option. please do not make me do it. you can donate just 1 dollar and this will be more than enough to download the project album.

speaking in behalf of all artist, our efforts and the organizations – thank you. we appreciate that!

copyright by Dominik Grenzler