Virlyn & AN MOKU: Of Mirrors

AD088_02“Virlyn and An Moku’s release, ‘Of Mirrors’ has an organic element. Meaning there is a naturalness to the ‘putting together’ of each song. The album is for explorers, while the sounds settle in being extremely meditative, surreal, and ambient. They take old classical instruments and use them as acoustic drones while acquiring and manipulating specific elements of the sounds for each song. Both musicians have an outstanding history from creating theatrical performances of Herman Hesse novels to being part of supporting acts for Whitney Houston, Joe Cocker and several others.
The phrase ‘Nature is beautiful’ is a purveying interpretation for the listener here. As they hear slow waves, and other ‘found’ sound samples, played alongside the dirgeful drones and scattered bits of solemn strings, “Of Mirrors” brings out the beauty in a natural progression. Virlyn and An Moku create the perfect ambience for multiple types of backgrounds by incorporating recordings from the lobbies before a jazz concert, reproducing the sounds of hiking through the woods, and waves rushing and crashing – all tied up with a classical harmony and steady drones. Coming from two countries, Belgium and Switzerland, it’s Virlyn and An Moku’s collaboration, ‘Of Mirrors.’”
Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Of Mirrors:
Steelyard blues
Secret place
Dance of the creatures
Mirror (Part1)
The room

Digital bonus track: Mirror (Part2)

Total running time: ca. 60 min

All music composed and produced by Virlyn and AN MOKU
Mixing and mastering by Virlyn
Electronics by Virlyn
Electronics, instrumental and field recordings by AN MOKU

All instrumental and field recordings captured in Switzerland and Iceland
Ending of ‘Frost’ captured during an orchestral warm up session at Harpa, Reykjavik

Swiss Performers:
Piano by Cornellia Stromeyer
Violin by Orina Zänerle
Cello by Jacki Knöpfel

Modified vocal sample taken from -The Seventh Seal- by Bergman, 1957

Dominik Grenzler
Pan Pan/Joshua Tabbia

‘Of Mirrors’ has been recorded from november 2011 until march 2012.
After finishing it, we kept this album in our secret place until today.
Thank you for supporting us. Enjoy the tape!

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Arovane follows AN MOKU! What a honor!!!

Heute morgen als ich mein Soundcloud-Profil besuchte, sah ich, dass einer meiner persönlichen Heros, AROVANE, sich nach über zehn Jahren mit einem neuen Album zurückmeldet. Das sind grossartige News! Seine Art uns Weise musikalische Ideen umzusetzen, sind, meiner Meinung nach, herausragend! Seine Denkweise grossartig. Ich freute mich ebenfalls, als ich sah, dass Arovane bei AN MOKU den Follow-Button gedrückt hat. Arovane follows AN MOKU! What a honor!!!

First stats: «How to catch STILLE?»

currently more than 100 people donated little money for this project. 75% by coming to my café directly from places nearby. after buying some sweets, sometimes they give little tip with words like: «and that is for your project». this is an awesome gesture which tears me up.
as far as i can see – this project seams to avail in germany and swiss. if people donate, they do it very carefully with a lot of questions about paypal and how save it is. so before they name their price, i answer their questions by email and tell them what to do. they are not bandcamp members and never heard of paypal. in the end – the money will be donated to non-profit organizations.

if people keep on going to download the album for free without any donation, i am forced to sell the album without «name your price» option. please do not make me do it. you can donate just 1 dollar and this will be more than enough to download the project album.

speaking in behalf of all artist, our efforts and the organizations – thank you. we appreciate that!

copyright by Dominik Grenzler