Packaging «Passage» with passion ;-)

EndTitles is all about passion to music and love to the special and unusual. With this ideal I thought of making something extraordinary with the physical release of Wilhelm’s «Passage». Wilhelm’s music needs approach. I used to listen «Passage» several times before I came up with an idea. I have to thank to Mr. Arovane for inspiring me during our chat at his studio. After a week or two I just thought: Wow! The physical release needs to be simple and useful and eco-friendly as far as possible. So I came up with the USB flash drive for all the heavy 24bit files made of recycling paper. I thought this might be quite unique and did it. After testing it for some time, the device worked smoothly. Now the final product is made with love and packaged with passion. My girlfriend sewed while I was putting all things together. To all of you who are using the device now: Please think of all the work Wilhelm and we did and the great effort and enjoy this great album!
Thank you :-)

The Kodama Remixes

The Kodama Remixes:

1. Kodama* 04:45
2. Kodama (Bnibs Remix) 04:30
3. Kodama (Kurt Lorenz Remix) 04:23
4. Kodama (Castenada Remix) 04:41
5. Kodama (SandSpace Remix) 05:20
6. Kodama (Virlyn Remix) 05:00
7. Kodama (Weldroid Remix) 05:32
8. Kodama (Kid Schurke Remix) 03:03
9. Kodama (Arbee Remix) 05:00
10. Kodama (Shxzet Division Remix) 04:50
11. Kodama (Stan Pete Remix) 05:02
12. Kodama (Demo Version) 04:52

«While listening to the first granular clouds of sound of “Kodama” one could search the internet to find out what the original meaning of the title is that has been processed in ten amazingly different ways by ten different remixers. The almighty internet will respond, that a “Kodama” is a tree ghost (and sometimes also the tree itself that houses such a creature) in japanese mythology. But by then you could have derived this already from the sounds and spheres in the title track itself.
A remix album that consists of 12 tracks based on only one (and such a fragile) song could easily fail conceptually. But not here! something very rare happens here instead: The remix artists augment the original mood and prevailing atmosphere of the basis track by adding new layers and aspects instead of varying the same loops and phrases again and again. They complement the fragments in their own, individual ways and supply additional elements, just like a painting evolves from a sketch or characters in a good tv show mature with every episode. Twigs are snapped. Branches are creaking and crack. Leaves crinkle in the background and occasionally the tree ghosts are even dancing. and when they do, They do this in a their own quirky but nevertheless fascinating way.

Instead of being a mere collection of variations as one might suggest, “The Kodama Remixes” is a surprising album which enriches the eponymous title track by one untold aspect after the other. At the same time this album is the documentation of an impressive creative process that sometimes is still present in today’s electronic music and results in such surprising and great releases every now and then. »
-Carsten Büttemeier

«Very interesting collection of different interpretations of AN MOKU’s composition. The Album “Kodama Remixes” is certainly not a patchwork of random remixesbut was created in fact a real album
Łukasz Komła

A kodama (木霊 or 木魂) is a spirit living in a tree. During my stay in Japan in 2012 I once observed raindrops crashing down onto the ground of a shrine nearby a mighty forest. This being so inspiring made me develop the idea of creating a track about this impression. Do not mention that I tried to picture Princess Mononoke’s small, white humanoids with large, rattling heads and mask-like features, similar to bobble heads or just owls sitting in trees. An amazing moment captured in this track.

After releasing «How to catch STILLE?» in 2013 (a remix album of STILLE and a charity project for people with hearing loss involving 30 different artists and musicians) the idea of releasing a one track remix album evolved. Kodama was this single basis track as a starting point. So I began gathering alternative versions of this track created by my great artist friends and here we are finally. Enjoy!




kodama by: AN MOKU
mastering: weldroid
artwork – photo: dominik grenzler
track 2: remix by: bnibs
track 3: remix by: kurt lorenz
track 4: remix by: castaneda
track 5: remix by: sandspace
track 6: remix by: virlyn
track 7: remix by: weldroid
track 8: remix by: kid schurke
track 9: remix by: arbee
track 10: remix by: shxzet division
track 11: remix by: stan pete
license: cc-nc-by-nd

Released by

*Kodama (Mononocle, Etalabel, 2012)

Released 16 February 2014

First stats: «How to catch STILLE?»

currently more than 100 people donated little money for this project. 75% by coming to my café directly from places nearby. after buying some sweets, sometimes they give little tip with words like: «and that is for your project». this is an awesome gesture which tears me up.
as far as i can see – this project seams to avail in germany and swiss. if people donate, they do it very carefully with a lot of questions about paypal and how save it is. so before they name their price, i answer their questions by email and tell them what to do. they are not bandcamp members and never heard of paypal. in the end – the money will be donated to non-profit organizations.

if people keep on going to download the album for free without any donation, i am forced to sell the album without «name your price» option. please do not make me do it. you can donate just 1 dollar and this will be more than enough to download the project album.

speaking in behalf of all artist, our efforts and the organizations – thank you. we appreciate that!

copyright by Dominik Grenzler

«How to catch STILLE?» Release!

Hello everybody!

Today is the official release day of the project album «How to catch STILLE?».
It took more than six months to gather all the tracks from the artists worldwide. And before that it took also some months to organize the remixes and to find the right way to go with that project. More informations to come.

On behalf of all artists – we hope you like this project and can support it!

Thank you