rudy’s music stop: electro-harmonix

Four years ago I have bought my Zoom h4n at Manny’s Musical Instruments shop. A nice shop with a quiet wide range of all instruments. Now the shop is closed forever. A new one is too far away in the 33th Street and it is called Sam Ash Music Store. This is what the internet says and it did not mention, that Manny’s is closed. So, while it is raining it decide to go to Rudyl’s Music Stop – A tiny music store vis a vis. I saw it four years ago, but I did not have the time to check it out. Today I did. At Rudy’s I have meat Dave. We spoke about Electro-Harmonix, since I am very pleased with my Memory Man Delay, I was looking for a Reverb FX. He showed me the FX they have in stock and Cathedral made it. Not cheap, but of great quality made in New York. I came to NYC with a decision of buying Korg’s Kaoss Pad Quad. If i would see it somewhere in a shop by chance, propably I would buy it. And now I am happy I did not. I think if Korg is going to work on the Quad as they did with Kaossilator and Kaoss Pad, the updated version of the Quad will be worth of a purchase.
The Cathedral blew my mind! See you again in four years at Rudy’s Music Stop :-)