teenage engineering

Hell yeah! But what is this little white thing that looks like Korg’s nanoKey from a distance?
Let’s take a closer look…

The first time that I have realized an OP-1 portable synthesizer was in the studio live performance of Depeche Mode’s «Broken». To be honest at that time I thought that DM is performing a plugin with a nanoKEY. But it was not so. Some days ago I have made a post about Meme Antenna from Brooklyn and their customized modular systems. They had a plastic synthesizer with little plastic knobs and other additional plastic gadgets to buy there as well. Back in the hotel I had to find out more about that toy synthesizer and found a lot which impressed me!

This is DM’s studio live performance. If you do not like the track, just skip to 0:33 and 0:39 to see the OP-1 in action.

I went to the homepage of Teenage Engineering and got impressed by that video:

The accessory demonstration is great! If you like to play with Lego or even go for DIY instruments, you like it. Further on a full review by Sonicstate:

«Do you need it? I do not know. Do you want it? Hell yeah, I’d love one!»