A quick chat with: Oblique Noir

helge in aktion

ET: What are you working on right now?

ON: I am about to mix several tracks to be realeased next year. I set up a new PC with UAD Apollo Firewire for doing this but it took me a few weeks, unfortunately, To get the UAD interface running on Windows is no walk in the park. But now, it’s a pretty well sounding and efficient setup.

ET: What is your favorite modular element at the moment?

ON: I created some sounds again with my Cwejman VM-1 which was one of my first modules. It’s a fully functional synth for Eurorack, kind of limited with in- and outputs, but it has a filter which can be morphed seamlessly from low- through band- to higpass. You can listen to some lead and bass sounds at my Soundcloud.

ET: Any recomandations on artists or albums this year?

ON: At the moment, I like to listen to Coh «To Beat» (which is from 2014 I think). Nice evolving wavetable-like sounds and very well produced while never using standard drum and percussion sounds.  All rhythmic elements are sound modulations and movements which is very interesting.

Photo by Dominik Grenzler