Meeting the artist. An Interview.

A quick chat with Mathieu Lamontagne aka Arbee.

ET: What is your new album «Arborescence» about? What was your instrumental approach for the album?

A: «Arborescence» is about ideas leading to the next ones. At some point, the decisions you take regarding a certain sound, will impact the way the track progresses. So many crossroads. Some ideas and sketches for this album came a few years back, I went and recreate them.

ET: Tell us more about your work with Modular?

A: My eurorack modular journey started a few years ago. I started slowly, learning my first few modules. Then, moving forward as my interest progressed. I really like the way you can me things happen on different levels. There are always new things, new ideas to try. Even though, it is quite fun to work with no screen and make a really good patch, I’m also trying to blend it with my DAW productions. It is just so damn fun to mess with.

ET: What are your main music related influences? What makes Ambient music so interesting?

A: In my teenager years, I was really into rap, still am. Also went really deep into those Warp Records early classics (Aphex, Autechre, Boards of Canada). I guess all of those things influenced me. Always going back to some jazz classics, as well, Miles, Thelonius, Coltrane, Mingus, etc. Also listened to a lot of those ‘70s German Krautrock band, I will never get bored of those Can records.

ET: Best loved hardware vs. Best loved software? 

A: My most loved hardware was for a long time my Moog Slim Phatty. Since having a more «complete» eurorack modular synthesizer, I cannot lie, this is totally my new favorite thing to work it. It is so flexible and inspiring, always something new to dig, to try. When it comes to software, my favorites are from Madrona Labs, U-he and Sinevibes. I think I have all the products of those 3 companies. If I had to choose only one, it would be u-he zebra2. This is the synth I’ve used the most in all of those years I’ve been making music. It’s a semi-modular softsynth. It is really nice at doing all sorts of things. I know it so well so it is a nice tool for me. The Zebrify effect unit coming with it is really usefull, too.

ET: Thank you, Arbee. Cheers.

Listen to «Arborescence» on Bandcamp and Spotify.