Am Dienstag ist mein neues Album «Less» über Puremagnetik erschienen. Wie in meinem Blogeintrag zuvor über Hauntology beschrieben, habe ich das Album unter besonderen Voraussetzungen gemacht.

“Most of my recordings are only with the bass guitar and effects,” he points out. “I have used ​field recordings on “A better tomorrow” and “Blur” and have treated vinyl crackles a bit at the end of “Melancholia” so that they generated an electronic vibe. All in all you might be surprised how the bass guitar is able to sound and fool you being a synthesizer.” Less​ ​is a textured, sensual audio fabric of electricity, the sound of voltage flowing through equipment, pushing against impedance, expanding into a sonic architecture of places: the sound of still life, objects, haunted spaces.  

Näheres könnt ihr von meiner Bandcamp-Seite entnehmen. Bis dato viel Vergnügen beim Hören :-)