Darren Dyke aka Pancycle is a Musician and Craftsman from Belgium. His track called «56» is (what he says on Bandcamp) inspired by and created with sounds from my sound pack «Dingeklang Vol.1». His cover is a painting he did recently. This is what he wrote via email: «I also managed to give it a proper name and cover – after a little watercolor painting of a house number I photographed recently. I like finding, photographing and painting interesting house numbers here in Brussels – often art deco/nouveau. I am not sure where the idea came from I just find them interesting. Here then is “56”.» Simply Beautiful :-)

Support his calm music: https://pancycle.bandcamp.com/track/56

Full soundpack available here: https://anmoku.bandcamp.com/album/dingeklang-vol-1-sound-pack-of-obsolete-electro-acoustic-devices