April 2020, Patrizio Maranza asked me about creating an episode for his Podcast series «MNEMOSYNE». I said yes, and (due to other projects and hard discs issues) 24 episodes later I made it finally. For experimental reasons, the episode is glued with a mint VHS tape. (Around minute 9 there is a dropout for a few secs. I have no clue what happened, but this happens when you work with an old hardware such as my VHS recorder. I kept all of the digital artifacts and artefacts as part of the performance.) My episode is dedicated to nostalgic mood swings, old fashioned mixtapes and precious coffee time. Thank you for listening, An Moku.

Coffee time with friends:


«Nearer» by An Moku (Less, Puremagnetik)

«Mirror» by An Moku & Virlyn (Off Mirrors, Audiobulb/EndTitles)

«modul 1» by Arovane (modul 2 EP, Bandcamp)

«Align» by Bird Barks (Gift, EndTitles)

«GoldFx» by Colin Muir Dorward (forstexDubs TWO, EndTitles)

«Lotus Flower» by Pablo Ortega (Still Waters Run Deep EP, Inhabitant Records)

«Where We Meet» by An Moku & Stijn Hüwels (Where We Meet, Slowcraft Records)

«Medium» by An Moku & Stefan Schmidt (Raum, Karlrecords)

«Room» by An Moku & Virlyn (Off Mirrors, Audiobulb/EndTitles) as Transition

«10» by An Moku & Joel Gilardini (Maya Deren, bullflat 3.8)

«Hell HathNo Fury» by Silo Portem (LC-20, Bandcamp)

«Restive» by Cult Minit (Particle Difference, EndTitles)

«Welcome Slicer» by Weldroid (Silicate Recursions, 670860 Records)

«Every Sound Is A Mystery» by Grzegorz Bojanek (Live in May, etalabel) as Transition

«Ankoku Dub» by longmo (Bandcamp)

«Melancholia» by An Moku (Less, Puremagnetik)

At the end of all, Patrizio asked me: «What was a crucial sound experience in your life? Well, there have been some and happen nowadays but I never told about these significant two experiences: Back in 2007 – Falling asleep with Jean Michele Jarre‘s „Waiting for Cousteau“ and discovering the nature in Vals (Switzerland) with Fritz Hauser‘s „Sounding Stones“ in 2008.»