Schönheit der Bewegung

Dear all. Last year in November I sent a message to you and talked about the upcoming releases for this year. In a nutshell: Three album releases on cassette, live shows and collaborations are on the way.

So, what’s coming up in 2023 so far?

I. “Fluxus Verve“, the first of the three concept albums for this year. A collaboration with the Swiss piano player Nicolas Streichenberg aka Yes, It’s Ananias will be released on cassette in March. “Fluxus Verve” deals with the sound theme of the spherical 70s and concentrates on two analog instruments: Rhodes ’73 and Elka ’74. The single “Salz & Honig” was already released in January on Spotify and Apple Music. “Schönheit der Bewegung”, the 2nd single is now released. Both singles are accompanied by a video directed and shot by the artist Leila aka Pemanagpo (Instagram: @pemanagpo).

Pre-orders for the digital album and physical release begin today. The cassette is beautifully finished and in pink! Limited to 50 copies only. My Bandcamp subscribers will get the digital release immediately, as always. 

On March 4 we celebrate the release with a live show at the Haus der Kallistik in Zurich. An evening where we will be accompanied by a painter Istepan Obsidian (Instagram: @amore.istepan.obsidian) who draws ad hoc in joint interaction.
More to come soon…

Head over to the release:

II. The album with my longtime collaborator Stefan Schmidt is in the can and the mastering is done again in Stockholm by Weldroid. “Raum im Raum” is the last part of the Raum-trilogy for Karlrecords from Berlin. It is the most “intense” part of the series and deals with the abstraction of a possible space within a possible space. The release will be in June. I’m looking forward to the thematic continuation with Stefan and Karlrecords, both of whom have agreed. Thumbs up! More to come soon…

III. Last but not least: My solo follow-up for Puremagnetik from New York. The release will be in September. Mastering will again be done by Taylor Deupree. I’m really looking forward to it! More to come soon…

In the meantime: Happy day and cheers

Dominik aka An Moku