Crescent Moon by Chihei Hatakeyama

Gestern ist auf meinem Label EndTitles ein sehr schönes, kleines Album von Chihei Hatakeyama erschienen. Es besteht aus zwei ca. 20 minütigen Stücken. Eines davon ein Ausschnitt seines Konzerts, das er zusammen mit Joel Gilardini in meinem Café im November 2018 gab. Taucht ein…

«Waxing Moon» on the A-side is the live performance at Café Miyuko during the first edition of EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab to the early and middle stages. It is a guitar improvisation mainly and I have been using the long delay of Strymon’s El Capitan. The day after the live performance in Zurich was a day off for me, so I roamed around Zurich. Enchanted by the beautiful streets of Zurich, I headed to Lindenhof Hill. While watching the Limmat River I remembered Ueda Castle in Nagano Prefecture. Views from similar cliffs. 

I then headed to Lake Zurich and drank coffee. That night I watched the Inter vs Barcelona Champions League at a bar. 

«Waning Moon» recorded on the B-side is a performance in my home studio. This is also mainly a guitar improvisation and I switched the delay pedal into Strymon’s Volante. This piece of music is inspired by the memories of Zurich. 

Thank you for listening, Chihei

This Special Edition of Chihei’s: Crescent Moon comes in a beautiful and sealed packaging of 30 units only. It is a packaging for coffee beans. The Edition is produced for Chihei Hatakeyama exclusively. The cassettes will be available via him directly. More infos to come…