Dingeklang Vol.1 – Sound pack of obsolete electro acoustic devices

Did you ever ask yourself how devices sound electro magnetically? Well,  in case you do not know, each device has its own sound. The electro smog. …And an exciting sound came to light. 

Devices new and old, obsolete, some of them never used. Listened to by using Stan Pete’s Elektra electromagnetic microphones (Stan built two exemplars for me). Recorded with a Zoom H4n in December of 2019. The result is a sound pack full of interesting sounds and voltage: Dingeklang Vol​.​1- Sound pack of obsolete electro acoustic devices.

So, start sampling, mangling. Feel free and be inspired to transform the sound into something new. I have left plenty of headroom for you to experiment with. Please let me know what you’ve created. 

You can grab this sound pack for free or pay what you want. Please consider to pay a bit since I would love to support the great photo artist. She is so awesome! Thank you in advance :-)

I made a demo track for my Bandcamp Subscribers only called «Elektroakustischer Dingeklang». Sorry you cannot listen to it. Hey, wait you can. Subscribe, haha!!!

Sana Vahdati
Abstraction photographer, graduated in architecture

Peter Schwieger aka Stan Pete
Installations, Instruments, Modular music