A little glimpse into the near future

Privately, I am living and working in Zurich, where I co-own a café with an artisan cake bakery section since 2010 known as Miyuko. At the beginning of January we moved the café to a new location. I see how beautiful and intense everything is coming. Despite everything, in addition to my public and private life, I try to invest as much time as possible in music. That is my balance to daily business. Due to a lack of time, I decided against the Sound Design course I was aiming for at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK). My focus this year is definitely more concentrated than last year and I’m approaching the year more relaxed than ever! But let’s get to the cornerstones of 2022:

On the 21st of this month, Tilman Ehrhorn‘s (aka WERKEN) new album will be released, in which I was involved. The piece “Sfaira” was released as a little foretaste in January and Tilman’s album “SFAIRA” appears on my micro label EndTitles alongside other subsequent releases by exciting artists such as Daniel Barbiero (Double Bass/Electronics) or Stefan Schmidt (Fretless Bass).

«ZwischenRaum» – The second part of the Raum trilogy with Stefan Schmidt will be released in May on the well-curated Berlin based record label Karlrecords as a limited edition cassette.

And finally the successor to “Less” is also planned for the end of the year. Again on the wonderful Puremagnetik from New York. Thanks for your patience Micah…

And as much time as I can spare, I will use it for encounters like the one next week… and perhaps a few concerts.

Thank you for accompanying me. I thank you from the heart.