Dear Listener, Musician, Fan!

My new album «Microdemystification» is out. This is my third and last release in 2021.
3rd release on a cassette as well. Crazy! Microdemystification is a collaboration album with Blakmoth.

“My initial recording session started in May. I recorded 14 tracks in total and sent them to Blakmoth. After receiving his contribution, I started figuring out which tracks go best in terms of a release. Knowing that during the recording process Blakmoth bought a Strega (synth by Make Noise) I decided to stay with his new Strega-tique tone. This felt right for the project and I liked what I heard very much. Finally, I made up my mind and finished the album during my stay in mystical Ireland. Microdemystification was born. What I hear out of our work is a beautiful synergy. Melted sounds. Intense texture. A microdemystification. On behalf of us both: A big thank you to the cover designer, mastering engineer and the label. And of cause to you dear listener for taking your time. Do not be in a hurry!“ – An Moku 

“When it comes to ambient music I often think about it as a destination. A sacred space filled with texture, emotion and atmosphere. All of these things I found while listening to the music by An Moku, a collaborative album was a must. Our approach to creativity was a perfect amalgamation of styles that ebbed and flowed masterfully. I felt Microdemystification should be synergetic. I did not want to overpower the beautiful work An Moku sent over that I felt could stand alone as it’s own release. So the goal was to ensure a balance of both our sounds could be heard and felt. In my eyes Microdemystification is a beautiful masterpiece that I hope you enjoy.” – Blakmoth  


Thanks to Nàresh Ran 

Music by An Moku & Blakmoth 
Concept by An Moku 
Album Cover by Juan TRakO 
Design by Sara Hochuli 
Mastering by Benfay 

Recorded in May, finished in August of 2021 

You can support the label, Dio Drone and buy the cassette directly here: 

Or buy me a piece of a cheesecake! The digital version of Microdemystification is «Name your price». Thank you for your support and enjoy this dark album for dark November days ;-)

->  anmoku.bandcamp.com/album/microdemystification

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