Recording a table…

While I was in Kyoto I discovered a kind of designer object: a table made of metal which was kept together by wires. I asked the owner for permission to capture the sound by pulling the wires. The outcome was a sound which reminded my of bells. I am hoping to use this recorded session one day…

Customized Analog Modular Systems

If you are ever in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – you have to go to this small shop called MeMe Antenna. These guys sell decoration stuff, music and customized analog modular systems. Wide range and not expencive at all. The two nerdy japanese guys are doing the customized stuff and sell this as Modular 3U or 6U Bento Boxes and Happy Ending KIts. Very nice!


Kraków – I have never been to the south of Poland and this city is the capital of polish culture! Two days full of snow, Jazz, good food, nice cafés and architecture. No dragon. I will come back definitely, to capture some recordings, in a few months. This time I just could not handle it.
Grzegorz, the curator of Etalabel, did send some copies of MONONOCLE with Etalabel record discount cards created by his son Ben to the hotel. So I can sell them at my café again. Thx.